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more than a makeover


From colour and style analysis, to wardrobe edits and personal shopping, The Style Counsellor is your biggest fan when it comes to all things colour, style and body confidence.

Whatever your age, gender, shape or size.

style education that lasts a lifetime

Personal colour consultation

See for yourself the difference the right colours can make. It’s a game-changer!

Discover how to harness the power of your perfect colour palette, making colour work for you, your style, your confidence and even your mood.

Take home a colour swatch wallet so you can always find the perfect match, whether you’re looking for clothes, make-up or accessories.

One-on-one: up to 3 hours

Group session available. Please contact to book.

(Note: Colour Analysis not available online.)

Group consultation
Group consultation

in person or online

style consultation

Personal Style Consultation (in person or online)

Personal style isn’t about the numbers. It’s not about how tall you are, what you weigh or whether you have an hourglass figure.

And it’s definitely not about what’s “in fashion” this week.

So what is personal style?

Personal style is about using clothes to let people know who you are.

Lifestyle and body architecture play their part, but above all, personal style is about tuning in to who you are on the inside and wearing that on the outside.

One-on-one. Up to 5 hrs.

Group session available. Please contact to book.

in person or online

wardrobe review

Want to get the best out of what’s already in your wardrobe?

Need to streamline it? Add to it? Mix and match more? Identify the ‘workers’? Make the ‘lurkers’ work harder?

Get ready to see your clothes in a whole new light!

Minimum 2 hours. Any excess hours will be charged pro-rata.

Price package includes location within 25kms of the perk CBD, price on application outside of 25kms.

Accessories and clothing in colour
Group consultation

retail or pre-loved

personal shopping

With Ciara by your side, you’ll maximise your shopping dollar, step outside your comfort zone and even discover new ways to shop.

Minimum 2 hours. Any excess hours will be charged pro-rata.

extra and bespoke

can be discussed, including

Special event shopping


Make up

Advanced colour

Accessories and clothing in colour