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Why do group workshops work so well?

Not only are group workshops a heap of fun but clients tell us they learn so much when they get to share in someone else’s ‘before and after’. They can literally see the difference the right colours can make or how someone’s style personality starts showing through. When it’s their turn in the chair, they’re able to be far more objective, seeing and enjoying the transformation as it happens to them.

All our group colour and style workshops provide a supportive, friendly environment for around three people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share insights, tips and know-how. New friends are often made along the way too!

One-on-one consultations can also be arranged.

What is the difference between style and fashion?

Put simply, fashion is about following the latest trends; those ‘of-the-moment’ designs, colours and prints we see in the stores, on social media, in the magazines and on the runway. Fashion is someone else telling us what we ‘should be’ wearing.

Style, on the other hand, is personal. Yes, it can still be current, but it taps into the very essence of who we are as an individual.

Personal style is knowing who we are on the inside and wearing that on the outside so we feel naturally confident and happy in our own skin. We feel authentically ‘us’. And oh-so-stylish in the process of course.

Fashion is limiting; style is liberating!

Will my colours change?

Mother Nature has gifted you your perfect colour palette, from your skin tone to the colour of your eyes and the natural colour of your hair. Whether you’re a rich, earthy autumn, a bright, splashy spring, a soft, cool summer or a high-contrast winter, the colours that work best for you will not change.

You may find you reach for slightly different shades and combinations of your best colours as the years tick by, but you can be confident your seasonal colour palette will work for you for the rest of our life.

Can you come to my home to sort my wardrobe out?


A wardrobe edit can do much more than simply bring calm and organisation to a chaotic wardrobe. It can make you see the clothes you own in a whole new light, focusing on what’s working for you and what’s not.

A professional wardrobe review will also help you identify what you might need to add so that you can get even more wear out of the clothes you love – and that love you back.

Why doesn’t colour analysis work online?

There are two very important reasons why colour analysis only works in person and not online.

Firstly, natural light is crucial to colour analysis. It’s why our studio has big windows, giving us lots and lots of natural light so we can see the impact the right colours make against your natural skin tone.

The second reason colour analysis doesn’t work online is that digital screens process colour differently. That means we wouldn’t be getting a true image of you and your natural colouring. And without that true image of you – in natural light, with no make-up – colour analysis just doesn’t work.

What is sustainable style?

Our definition of sustainable style is: Buy less, buy better and wear it more!

When we’re mindful of our choices, when we resist ‘fast fashion’ and when we focus on quality clothing that works with our best colours and personal style, magic really does happen! We #DoGoodFeelGoodLookGood.  

There are lots of ways we can champion sustainable style, from buying pre-loved clothing and accessories, and purchasing from ethical brands, to making garments at home, buying local and selecting fabrics made of eco-friendly materials.

Recycling, upcycling, mending, gifting and embracing the retro and the vintage are also amazing ways to support the sustainable style movement.

Remember! A garment needs to be worn 30 times before it can be considered sustainable.