Be seen.
Be heard.
Be Valued.
Be yourself.

real people, real style

the style counsellor

You’ll Discover:

  • Exactly how to ‘do you’, sending your natural confidence sky-rocketing for men and women
  • The power of your WOW! colours, from clothes and accessories, to hair and make-up
  • How to take the guesswork out of dressing to suit your personality, your lifestyle and the body you have today
  • Why colour is self-care and so good for your mental health
  • How to get the best out of what you already have in your wardrobe
  • How this really can go with that. And that. And that and that …
  • A fresh way of thinking about vintage clothing and timeless style
  • How to shop consciously to curate a wardrobe that’s uniquely you

style education that lasts a lifetime


“Prior to meeting with Ciara, my approach to my own style was minimal effort, hated shopping, and essentially wore black for work thinking I couldn’t go far wrong and everything would match.  

I’m just on the start of this journey, and the alignment with my personal sustainability goals is also very satisfying – knowing I can now confidently make well considered and often preloved clothes choices that will hopefully last me well into the future. “

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“It’s hard to quantify the profound change in the way I am perceived since meeting Ciara, identifying my style & learning my colours.

Knowing these things has enabled me to dress in a way that is immediately noticed, whether I’m having a few casual drinks, working the office, or presenting on stage.

The impact this has had – from the bus station to the boardroom – cannot be overstated.


“It is quite surreal, the amount of positive change that has come from learning my style and colour with Ciara. So many countless ‘a-ha’ lightbulb moments. It feels like I’ve been given permission to be and dress like my truest self again AND have been given the tools to get there.The confidence has poured into other areas of my life and the difference is night and day in how I feel about clothes, my body and shopping.

Thank-you Ciara. You are so kind and gracious in how you teach this, and are so incredibly well trained and gifted at what you do.”

(Find out more of her journey…)


“Ciara has made my life so much easier now when I look in my wardrobe I have all the colours in my palette and everything goes. The minute I open my wardrobe it’s my happy place and I never say I have nothing to wear.
Op shopping is a dream because you only look at the section of colours that suit you so it makes it so much easier and quicker so I have a lot to thank Ciara for.


“I like to dress well but for me, putting an outfit together has always been largely a process of trial and error. And probably more on the error.
Ciara’s colour styling advice is like being given the cheat codes to looking my best.”